Knights 1759

The UK's fastest growing professional services business delivering outstanding results for clients 

Knights 1759 is a UK professional services business supporting businesses and individuals who seek quality advice and support from their professional advisers.

The quality of our people and clients has attracted significant external investment which has enabled us to invest in our business and attract the best people to our six regional centres.

We have specialists in all areas of commercial law to support businesses of all sizes. We also work for individuals seeking the best professional advice in their personal affairs.

We continue to expand our professional expertise beyond legal services; now providing tax, corporate finance and town planning advice in addition to being able to conduct internal investigations for our clients.

Knights 1759 is the fastest growing professional services business in the UK. Our streamlined corporate structure, totally different from law firm partnerships enables us to attract funding to support sustainable growth.  

Our management structure supports the performance of the one business rather than trying to satisfy competing individual interests of partners. We make decisions for the benefit of our business, our people and our clients without the personal conflict which exists between partners. 

Clients demand value for money and, at Knights 1759, we believe this is achievable by less experienced, and therefore less expensive, people carrying out the processing element of legal and professional services cost; reserving the involvement of the experienced - and more expensive - professionals for those elements requiring their judgment and expertise.  

Our corporate structure has enabled us to create, and nurture, the necessary team culture amongst colleagues of different levels of experience to create a business model which delivers true value for money for our clients.

We look forward to building a meaningful and fruitful relationship with our clients and achieving our vision to become the number one regional professional services business in the UK.