Fraud, Financial Crime & Investigations

Our specialist fraud, financial crime & investigations team brings together criminal lawyers, employment lawyers, data protection specialists and former regulators.

We provide a comprehensive prevention and cure approach to the complexities of today’s ever-changing business threats. Whether it is cyber-fraud, employee theft, bribery / money laundering compliance or anything between, Knights is comprehensive support on your doorstep.

Our areas of expertise


  • fraud risk assessments and audits
  • contract review for anti-bribery / corruption compliance
  • bespoke, proportionate bribery risk assessment and policies
  • tailored training for boards and directors on all aspects of financial compliance relevant to your business
  • procurement compliance
  • counter-fraud training - protecting your business from fraud attack

Investigations & advice:

  • conducting confidential investigations on your behalf where you suspect financial irregularity or fraud e.g. employee theft / fraud
  • advising on your business liabilities and obligations if you find financial irregularity / bribery
  • HR support dealing with employment issues

Corporate Defence

  • support to ensure business continuity during, and after, a dawn raid

  • protecting you at interview (caution, compulsion or voluntary)

  • defending businesses to negate / mitigate penalties and fines

  • liaison with regulatory bodies

  • representation and advice throughout the criminal / enforcement process


Key contacts

Joanne Beech Facilities Director T:01625 704116 M:07469 858570
Martin Bourne Partner T:01865 811720 M:07970 252811
Tom Cleary Partner T:01782 349536 M:07464 547398