Amy Holden Associate T:01865 811223 M:07393 148936

A specialist in professional disciplinary and regulatory matters.

Amy advises on a range of regulatory matters from defending individuals and businesses facing criminal investigation and prosecution to prosecuting on behalf of Government bodies, Ofsted investigations and Health and Safety interviews under caution. She handles school discipline, admission and exclusion hearings, teacher or pupil harassment and assault matters, as well as road traffic prosecutions and appeals against the revocation of shotgun licenses. Exceptions hardship, special reasons and driving under the influence of excess alcohol cases fall within her area of expertise, and she advises on appeals against the British Horseracing Authority, covering compliance with training guidelines, training license applications, and disciplinary matters.

Amy acts for professionals, teachers, businessmen, motorists, landlords and horse trainers, and corporate clients across a range of sectors.

Recent examples of how Amy has helped clients include:

  • refuting false horse doping allegations made by a disgruntled owner against a trainer, demonstrating the trainer had no access to either drugs or the horse in question;
  • successfully appealing the revocation of a client's shotgun licence, based on an ex-wife's allegations regarding his mental well-being, by challenging the police position with a psychiatric report;
  • defending a bus-driver against charges of jumping a red light and injuring a child, by proving the injuries were not consistent with his statement and that the child had crossed the road earlier; and
  • successfully defending a client accused of injuring an individual by biting, demonstrating to the court that the client had no teeth with which to bite.