Chris Heitzman Partner T:01625 704110 M:07464 545425

A commercial litigator specialising in property damage recovery claims.

In the event of damage to property caused by a third party, Chris acts for the land or business owners and their insurers to recover the losses.  His clients include a number of leading UK insurance companies, large corporates with substantial property portfolios, the Crown estate, highways authorities and their construction and maintenance contractors.

The majority of cases handled by Chris relate to accidents on the public highways, ranging from diesel spills and damage to the central reservation through to the destruction of a bridge, when highways contractors are obliged to repair the highways swiftly and recoup these costs from the motorists’ insurers.

Similarly, Chris acts for corporates whose property has been damaged by flood or fire caused by a faulty product or a negligent supplier.  Having claimed on their buildings and property insurance or financed the repairs via self-insurance, Chris recovers these costs from the insurer of the business which was ultimately at fault.

Chris gathers the evidence, pursues the claim and negotiates the quantum on behalf of clients, via an innovative no win no fee arrangement.

Recent examples of Chris’s achievements, all at no cost to his clients, include:

  • recovering £350,000 in a claim caused by diesel breaking down the bitumen motorway surface;
  • consolidating 60 highways claims against a motor insurer and obtaining settlement of 96 per cent of value;
  • successfully recovering nearly £500,000 and all legal costs for the insurer of a residential property after a fire was caused by negligent plumbing installations;
  • recovering around £1 million and legal costs for insurers in less than six months after a building contractor caused a fire which destroyed business premises; and
  • recovering £1.2 million from the insurer of a novelty goods supplier, following a product recall of defective goods.