Fiona Lazenby Partner T:01332 497605 M:07469 856639

An expert in family law with over 30 years’ experience.

Fiona advises clients from landowners and farming families to entrepreneurs, lottery winners and football club owners. Specialising in working with high-net-worth clients with assets into the hundreds of million pounds, she helps to negotiate the property and financial repercussions of relationship breakdown as well as resolving disputes over children’s living arrangements and wellbeing.

Working across the UK and internationally, Fiona has expertise in the treatment of assets held in offshore trusts.  She also advises clients on wealth protection when they decide to marry or cohabit, and prepares pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements to safeguard inherited wealth or business value created before marriage.

Fiona seeks the best possible outcome for clients; and she has often faced national media on their behalf.

Fiona is also a member of the Law Society Family Advanced Panel in respect of complex assets.

Recent examples of how Fiona has helped clients include:

  • successfully obtaining payment of court costs following an inappropriate attempt by one parent to have their three children move to Spain;
  • preventing the former partner of a CEO from claiming a share of property and business assets;
  • ensuring that a £950,000 boat was not detained in England as part of the divorce process; and
  • safeguarding a £14 million trust which the ex-spouse tried to claim in the division of assets.