Laura Cook Senior Associate T:01865 811281 M:07436 106213

A clinical negligence lawyer specialising in brain injury and catastrophic injury claims. 

Laura advises individuals and families affected by the negligence of medical practitioners.  Her expertise lies in securing compensation for the mismanagement of pregnancy, failing to spot genetic or other abnormalities during pregnancy, birth injuries resulting in brain damage and cerebral palsy, and patients who have died as a result of medical malpractice and often where an inquest is required. 

She also advises on complex personal injury claims involving brain damage, serious spinal damage or other life-changing injuries which occur as a result of road traffic accidents, accidents at work or while on private land or in public spaces. 

Laura acts for clients throughout England and Wales.  Most of her cases are for children who have been left with disabilities as a result of mistakes made during their birth, and for parents pursuing wrongful birth claims in cases where a termination should have been offered due to fetal abnormalities.  

Examples of how Laura has helped clients include:

  • recovering over £6 million from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust to cover the 24-hour care needs of a child due to genetic abnormalities that should have been identified during the mother’s pregnancy;  
  • a multi-million pound settlement for a little boy that suffered profound brain damage at birth due to negligent delays in his delivery;
  • recovering substantial compensation from Brighton and Sussex NHS University Hospitals NHS Trust for failing to prevent an avoidable post-birth haemorrhage that resulted in a new mum requiring a life-saving hysterectomy at the age of 25;  and
  • recovering compensation for bereaved parents from the Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust for failing to advise them on the increased risks of giving birth to a large baby and allowing the pregnancy to go significantly overdue.