Lynne Ingram Senior Associate T:01782 338840 M:07971 043152

An employment lawyer with an expertise in business immigration.

Lynne advises business owners on employment matters through Knights’ employment support service, which provides employers with unlimited access to real-time advice. She also oversees the servicing of larger organisations who sign up to an annual retainer arrangement in order to receive regular support. Lynne’s clients include household names, charities and registered social landlords.

Lynne provides immigration advice to employers who are licensed to sponsor highly skilled non-EU employees, including football clubs and those in the gambling industry. She also assists employers to comply with their obligations regarding “Right to Work” Legislation for their UK employees.

Examples of how Lynne has helped her clients, include:

  • creating an audit tool for employers to assess their potential exposure to claims for underpaid holiday;
  • reducing the number of claims made against an employer by disgruntled employees from an average of 15 a year, to just one (unsuccessful) claim over the last three years; and
  • convincing the Employment Tribunal to allow an employee, who had been badly let down by their trade union, to bring a claim against their former employer six months after the (usually strictly enforced) three-month time limit.