Monica Kapur Senior Associate T:01865 592385 M:07464 548843

An insolvency lawyer. 

Monica is a personal and corporate insolvency specialist providing advice on a range of contentious and non-contentious matters.  Her experience includes the issuing and defending of statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions and winding-up applications, the investigation, prosecution and defence of preference claims and breach of directors’ duties charges, the bringing and defending of proceedings based on alleged transactions at an undervalue, the bringing and defending of claims for the possession and sale of property. 

Monica investigates beneficial interest claims based in equity, obtains income payment orders and directions permitting the recovery of book debts, and issues or defends UK-based or Europe-wide freezing orders.  

Monica represents private individuals, company directors, insolvency practitioners and financial institutions.  

Examples of Monica’s recent cases include:  

  • successfully applying to vary a Europe-wide freezing order over the assets of a UK-based individual which resulted in the release of more than £3 million to their trustee in bankruptcy;
  • settling a breach of directors’ duty claim for £1,000 on behalf of a former director, after the claim had been valued by liquidators at more than £140,000;
  • recovering in excess of £500,000 from the wife and extended family of a bankrupt individual who, through a series of transactions, had attempted to divest himself of the ownership of any assets; and
  • locating and realising significant assets on behalf of a trustee in bankruptcy in a case where money was deposited in numerous bank accounts across Switzerland and France.