Natasha Butler Associate T:01244 896610 M:07530 601622

A commercial dispute resolution lawyer.

Natasha advises claimants and defendants on a range of commercial disputes arising in the context of their business, including those concerning partnership arrangements and company organisational and procedural matters.  Her primary focus is on helping businesses defend claims arising out of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, where credit card providers, retailers and traders are liable with for breaches of contract or misrepresentation in respect of goods or services purchased using a credit card. 

Natasha acts for clients throughout the UK in a broad range of sectors, including the financial services industry where she is currently working in-house for a major credit card company.

Examples of Natasha’s recent work includes:

  • successfully defending claims for breach of contract and misrepresentation on behalf of a financial services company;
  • stopping a frivolous Consumer Credit Act claim by obtaining a strike out order from the court before the action had a chance to progress and incur more costs;
  • using negotiation and mediation to avoid costly litigation for a financial services firm being sued for funding the installation of solar energy equipment which failed to achieve the return on investment promised; and
  • advising an in-house complaints team to enable them to deal with potential disputes effectively and efficiently, and thereby reduce the risk of litigation.