Sharon Tuckey Senior Associate T:01865 811786 M:07387 023478

A specialist in financial welfare and Court of Protection work. 

Sharon advises individuals, trustees and Court appointed deputies on the management of the financial affairs and personal welfare needs of clients who have suffered catastrophic brain injuries as a result of clinical negligence or personal injury and who, as a result, lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.  Her work includes advising on how compensation payments should be used and invested to ensure a client’s needs are met, making applications to the Court of Protection for permission to make specific purchases to aid recovery or improve quality of life.  Sharon also assists parents of children who are about to turn 18 to obtain the legal right to continue to be informed and consulted about medical and social care decisions. 

Sharon acts for clients throughout the UK, and is particularly experienced in dealing with the financial affairs and lifetime care needs of brain damaged children who have suffered brain damage.

Examples of how Sharon has helped clients includes:

  • successfully obtaining permission from the Court of Protection to buy a new property for a child with brain damage where it was impossible for the current family home to be adapted to meet the child’s needs;
  • helping parents remain involved in decisions affecting their child after turning 18 when the family GP believed the child had the capacity to make decisions alone;
  • supporting a family not used to managing large sums of money to make prudent investment decisions to ensure compensation received by their child would cover all future care costs; and
  • securing permission from the Court of Protection to use part of a compensation award to fund the installation of a hydrotherapy pool in the family home of a child with brain damage to aid their rehabilitation and personal comfort.