Steven Garry Associate T:01625 704126 M:07824 860759

A commercial dispute resolution lawyer.

Steven specialises in resolving disputes for businesses, including partnership and shareholder disputes, professional negligence, complex debt recovery, defamation, intellectual property infringement and injunctive relief.  He is also experienced in personal and corporate insolvency matters, particularly concerning allegations of wrongful or fraudulent trading or where recovery or sanction under the Insolvency Act is being pursued.

Steven acts for private individuals, company directors, insolvency practitioners, SMEs and FTSE 100 listed companies, including E.ON Energy Solutions Limited and Heineken UK.  He has sector experience in utilities, breweries, pubs and restaurants, law firms and the light railway network.    

Examples of how Steven has helped clients include:

  • containing the theft of personal data by employees of a professional services firm to satisfy the Information Commissioner’s Office that data security had been improved, thereby avoiding regulatory sanctions; 
  • settling a £1 million claim against a company and its directors which threatened to put them out of business, including discharging a worldwide freezing injunction against company and director assets; 
  • negotiating the settlement of a significant debt, and the upfront payment of legal fees, for a medical agency which had been unsuccessfully trying to recover unpaid invoices from an apparently insolvent law firm; and
  • recouping nearly £1 million for an insolvency practitioner in respect of unlawful payments made by the directors of a company following the issuing of a winding-up petition.