Landed Estates

We deal with the complex and ever changing landscape in which Landed Estates operate.

We provide bespoke advice to landed families and their trustees throughout the country.

Our areas of expertise

  • Tax and Succession Planning
  • Heritage Property, Listed Buildings, Chattels Schemes and Conditional Exemption
  • Trusts including Settled Land Act Settlements
  • Trustee protection and disputes
  • Manorial Rights
  • Wills and Probate
  • Protection of the Estate by Family Charter and marriage settlements

Key contacts

Kate Smith Partner T:01782 349572 M:07989 163730
Richard Williams Partner T:01244 896611 M:07834 356455
Jennifer Couchman Partner T:01782 349595 M:07467 145993
Richard Pinney Partner T:01865 410345 M:07824 862158
Brona Simmonds Partner T:01782 349 530 M:07585 686 606
Rachel Hackney Associate T:01782 338838 M:07799 901392
Adam Hale Associate T:01242 545014 M:07392 081772
Emily O'Donnell Associate T:01244 896643 M:07824 862136
Jayne Beardmore Solicitor T:01782 338842 M:07387 261655
Oliver Evans Solicitor T:01782 349574 M:07793 960518
Natalie Fuller Solicitor T:01782 349513 M:07387 023462