18 May 2016

200 professionals join “Fastest-growing UK firm” since Jan 2016

The UK’S fastest-growing professional services business, Knights is helping to boost the economy by recruiting on average seven new professionals a week.

A recent report published by The Law Society identified that each £1 of extra turnover in the sector stimulates £1.39 in the rest of the economy and every 100 jobs in legal services help to support a further 67 jobs.

Since January 2016, the leading regional professional services business has recruited 120 professionals - smashing its target to grow its team by 100 this year within the first quarter.

As increasing numbers of legal firms are forced into mergers to survive in a changing competitive market, Knights continues to buck the trend by acquiring other firms whilst attracting high numbers of talented professionals to add to its growing team.

David Beech, CEO for Knights said that growth in the legal sector was imperative to help support a thriving economy.

“We have been working with UK-wide companies for many years to help them with their business needs. With a growing team of 375 professionals across our regional locations we’re able to meet the demand for our services and develop effective, long-term relationships with our clients,” he said.

“Because the need for professional services is entrenched in every business, law firms do make a significant contribution to the economy and now we’re making steps to diversify and offer more non-legal services to our clients. It is an important part of our strategy to provide integrated solutions to our clients with legal services being part of a wider offering.

“We’ve continued with our long-term plan to invest in our employees and we have structured the business to ensure that we can consistently maintain an ongoing recruitment programme across our seven regional offices.” 

Knights works on behalf of UK-wide and overseas clients including Long Harbour, Aldi, Paddy Power Betfair, Hanson as well as high-net worth individuals.

The firm is living up to its name as the fastest-growing professional services business in the UK and has ambitious plans to grow further.

“In January we made a commitment to employ 100 new professionals in 2016, which we have already exceeded. We’ve always been open about our desire to attract the very best talent and reward employees with a sustainable business model and a positive culture that benefits everyone,” David added.

Knights is a UK top-70 law firm with more than 375 professionals with a turnover of £40 million. Knights has offices in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Cheltenham, Chester, Hale, Derby and Oxford. 

The Economic Value of the Legal Services Sector report is available to view here: